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What to do in a motor accident

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  1. Call Safety’s Call Centre and give the Insured name, Policy no., license plate no., location of accident and your mobile no.
  2. Our loss adjustor will arrive within 30 minutes.
  3. For your own safety, please turn on the emergency lights.
  4. In case of moving your vehicle offs the scene. Please notify us immediately.
  5. Insured vehicle is not at fault
    • write down name & address, license plate no., mobile no. of the other party. And also name and phone no. of the witness (if presented)
  6. Insured vehicle is at fault
    • Give your details (name & address) to the other party if requested. And move the vehicle aside;
    • Do not admit liabilities or accept any blame or sign any documents. Wait until our loss adjustor arrives.
  7. No apparent fault
    • Do not move your vehicle until the police has already marked the position on the road and instructed you to move.
  8. If someone has been injured
    • take the injured persons to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.
  9. If the accident occurs in the congested areas or during rush hours. If negotiable, move your vehicle to the safe spot and wait for the loss adjustor.
  10. In case of Hit & Run
    • Jot down the license plate no. and notify to the nearest police station.
  11. If your vehicle got detained by the police
    • Ask the police to note down all the valuable items inside the car in the police report.
  12. If your vehicle has been stolen
    • Report to the police without delay and call the Motor & Motorcycle Robbery Prevention and Suppression Centre  on 0-2354-6182
  13. Don’t Drink and Drive   
  14. If you have any comments or received unsatisfactory services, please call our claim hotline on 0-2655-690