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What is Safety Fire Insurance

It only takes a spark to get a fire going, and when it does, the damage can be catastrophic. It’s paramount, therefore, to keep your home free of fire hazards and, just in case, properly protected with Safety Fire Insurance. We take the heat off you by covering your premises against a wide range of fire and fire-related situations.

Suitable for

All houseowners, householders and house renters


FIRE but excluding loss destruction or damage
  1. caused by explosion resulting from fire, except for explosion of gas used for illuminating or domestic purpose
  2. caused directly or indirectly by earthquake
  3. to the property insured caused by
    1. its own spontaneous fermentation or heating, or
    2. its undergoing any heating process or any process involving the application of heat
EXPLOSION of gas used for illuminating or domestic purposes only, but excluding loss destruction or damage caused by explosion of gas resulting from earthquake
DAMAGE  arising from extraneous perils as clearly specified under this Policy during the period of insurance (or any subsequent period for which the Company accepts a renewal premium) the Company will pay to the Insured the value of the property at the time of its loss or destruction or the amount of the damage or at the Company’s option reinstate or replace such property or any part of it