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Compulsory Motor Insurance

What is Safety Compulsory Motor Insurance

The law requires that owners of all the cars registered with the Department of Land Transport comply with the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act. This is to ensure that road victims and their families are compensated in case of death and injuries.

Suitable for

Owners of all motor vehicles


Preliminary compensation:  the accident victim will compensate for the damage as form of medical expense and funeral expense without waiting for proof of fault. The Company will compensate the accident victim/ legal heir of such victim within 7 days after the Company receives the claim which is called “preliminary compensation” per following amount.

  1. In case of injury: receive medical expense and other necessary expenses related to medical treatment which will be paid according to its actual amount but not exceeding 30,000 Baht per person
  2. In case the accident victim receives damage to the body (disability) either as follows, the Company will pay preliminary compensation of 35,000 Baht per person
        (a) blind
        (b) deaf
        (c) mute or loss of speech or loss of tongue 
        (d) Loss of reproductive organ
        (e) Loss of arm, leg, hand, foot, finger
        (f)  Loss of other organs
        (g) Permanent mental disorder
        (h) Total permanent disability
  3. In case of bodily injury: will receive medical expense compensation according to no.1 and in case of total permanent disability according no.2 which in total will not exceeding 65,000 Baht per person.
  4. In case of loss of life: will receive funeral expense and other necessary expense related to funeral for 35,000 Baht per person.
  5. In case of loss of life after receiving medical treatment and actual expenses related to medical treatment according to no. 1, totally not exceeding 200,000 Baht per person. 

For more information: Office of Insurance Commission