Marine Insurance

    Safeguard your vessels and goods from the hazards of shipping and storage with our varied products

    Products and Services

    Marine Cargo Insurance

    Marine Cargo Insurance covers damage to the cargo during the international transportation by sea, air, land, rail or post transportation as a result of accidents or unforeseen circumstances.

    Carrier Liability Insurance

    Carrier Liability Insurance covers loss of, damage to or delay in delivery of goods carried by the Assured which occur during carriage

    Inland Transit Insurance

    Inland Transit Insurance covers damage to the cargo during the domestic transportation from various perils such as fire, explosion, collision with other vehicle, vehicle / train overturning, fall of a bridge or bridge is torn apart, plane crash, ship sunk, ship stranded.

    Hull Insurance

    Hull Insurance covers damage to any part of the ship,cover also includes power generation units, heat and lighting units and conditioning units